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Karpagam Gardens Sat Sangh
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In the year 1983, it was decided to have Sri Vinayakar Temple, at Karpagam Gardens, Adyar and decision to build a temple  located in 2nd Link Street. The plan was shown to Sri Maha Periaval of Kanchi Mutt, who readily blessed and approved it.

While the construction was in progress, it was learnt that a Vinayakar Idol (Valampuri Vinayakar - said to be rare) was lying in a factory at Ambattur Industrial Estate. The owner Mr.Ramakrishanan (since no more) voluntarily came forward to donate this  idol for installation in the proposed Temple.

A society was formed as “Karpagam Gardens Sat Sangh” during April, 1984 to manage the make shift temple activities and also to supervise the construction of the proposed Temple.

It was decided to perform the KUMBHABHISHEKAM on 27th January, 1985.The Yaga Sala Puja, Homam etc., were performed on 25th January, 1985, and on 26th January the Idols were installed at the respective places as planned. This was followed by Maha Kumbhabhishekam to all Deities on 27th January at 9.30 A.M. All the Devotees and the residents of KARPAGAM GARDENS were overwhelmed with joy at the fulfillment of their wishes.


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